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Spam Solution

The amount of spam email we were receiving at our office went from huge daily volumes down to almost none. Some days, I actually get no spam in my inbox.

S. Michael Belcastro, President
Seaway Mall

Do you receive hordes of junk email every day? The cost of dealing with SPAM is rising steadily in terms of wasted staff time, security risks through phishing scams and technical overhead. We have searched the world for the ultimate SPAM solution and we are pleased to say we have found one that is second to none. We went from hundreds of junk messages everyday to sometimes zero. At most, we receive just 1 or 2 SPAM messages per day.

Yes, it is THAT good.

It is like a heavy load has been lifted from our backs. Our productivity has increased and we are no longer subjected to obscene and nuisance messages through the daily assault of our inbox.

Of course, we would like to pass on this golden solution to our valued client base. Since late Winter 2008, we have converted hundreds of email addresses over to the new system.

If you experience an intolerable amount of SPAM, and if you want the very best solution on the market that we use ourselves here at Reaction Internet, contact us today.

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- William Feather
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